music and dsp resources
kvr-audio ressource
dsp tutorial in java , great fft explanation
MIT Computer Music Journal
Music: a Mathematical Offering (e-book)

C and C++
site of Bjarne Stroustrup's (inventor of C++)
online book for learning C++
Thinking in C++ great books
online books for networkprogramming in C(german)
numerical recipes in C
FFTW-Fastest Fourier transform in the West
CLAM - C++ Library for Audio and Music
ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
opengl documentation
game tutorial
Glut(Opengl utility toolkit) tutorial
OpenCV - Open Computer Vision, great
Open Sound Control - old site
Open Sound Control - new one
liblo- Lightweight OSC implementation (used in 3d_mtrack)
fmod- cross platform audio library and toolset

javabook for downloading (german-language)
online-book (german-language)
JAVA API - reference

artsoftware - index of free and open source art software
pure-data - real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing
pure-data - site of the author Miller Puckette
GEM - GEM is an OpenGL and video extension for Pd
reaktor - real-time sound environment
ableton live - audio host with real intuitive workprogress

Band - Mutabor - punk, ska, reggea, folk
Band - Plowking - ska
Band - Woody - german rock
Band - Crazy for Jane - Avant-Folk
Band -Changing Sights
Composer - Andre Vida
ART - zigfach
PankD - computer freestyle
electronic music - epy
Studio - Rallorama
Shirts - toneyshirts
Shop - gelong

i-net radio
Limbik Frequencies - Radio Elektro[u]nique